Posted by: azsun | June 8, 2010

INTRODUCTING BIKER BLOK, The Ultimate Biker Protection

There is no other product like this one on the market.

Proudly introducing Biker Blok™ skincare and lip balm products. From the people who know the sun, this exceptional new product has been specially design for the riders of all ages. This revolutionary product is a clear, no mess spray, that dries in seconds and provides a quick and even coverage. The SPF45 promises a great barrier against a broad spectrum of UVA/UVB, rays that cause both skin aging and burning. Perfect for any riding conditions, easy to apply, oil-free and water resistant, this new product is made in the USA. Protect yourself against the sun with Biker Blok, The Ultimate Biker Protection.

Biker Blok™ comes in a 4 oz spray bottle with a MSRP of $12.50

In addition, Biker Blok™ has also released a Biker Blok™ lip balm to protect your lips while riding. MSRP $2.50.

So, no matter if you are up for a little trip around the block or on your way to Sturgis, Biker Blok™ will protect you all the way. There is no other product like this one on the market.

Currently available at and soon to your local dealer.  We ship worldwide and are looking for distributors overseas as well. Great margins, POP displays and dealer programs available.

For more information:

Contact Biker Blok™/Allsportsblok

480-998-8861 or


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